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The CXT is an automatic machine for packaging products in tubular mesh hotofrut√≠culas. It has a head automatic stapling powered by two coils of continuous strip, which produces especially suitable for difficult products very resistant staple, and is intended for bags of 500g to 4000 kg: onions, garlic, potatoes, peppers, lemons, oranges , walnuts, chestnuts, etc …


You can also incorporate a labeling tie / wineglass ETC model with the desired information (barcode, weight, variety, etc.)

  • High: 30 packages / min
  • Average: 20 packs / min
  • Low: 1000 packages / hour on average during the day
  • Voltage: 220/380 V.
  • 50/60 Hz frequency.
  • Pressure: 6.5 Bar.
  • Tagger (optional): ETC
  • Weight approx: 180 Kg


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