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Black Garlic

Garlic, amongst other benefits, hasprovenantibiotic,antioxidant, hipo-cholesterol effects and it’s also cancer preventer.


Black garlic comes from fresh plain garlic. After a fermentation process with high temperature, it gets the final black color and a sweet delicate flavor. It’s not itchy to palate, the aroma turns suttle and its benefits get concentrated and enhanced compared to normal garlic.


Black garlic contains 18 out of the 20 existent amino acids. 8 of them are essential for the human body.


There are substances that our bodies can’t produce by themselves and we must add them to our nutrition. A lack of these substances decreases our defense level and turns us weaker and depressed.

The autochthonous Spanish purple garlic is given a 100% natural ferment treatment for 60-90 days which allows black garlic to live for 12 months.

From 8 to 10 medium cloves of tender texture.

Similar to candied blackberry with licorice balsamic touch, without the typical garlic adverse effects, high content in antioxidants, cancer preventer and cholesterol controller.

41/45mm, 45/50 mm.

All through the year.

Foodservice format: 36 heads = 1kg. Retail format: 2 heads per box.

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