Garlic Powered Roller Conveyor

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Garlic Powered Roller Conveyor

High volumes of cleaning and inspection

Used as an inspection table to remove scrap, 3rd grade bulbs, stones, soil at magazine reception from the fiel before drying and storing.

Width (cm) 150
Length (cm) 353
Heigh (cm) 183
Rollers width (cm) 67
Number of rollers 33
Power (CV) 1
Weight (kg) 350
Performance (kg/h) 8000

The polyethylene sheet feed the roller conveyor gently without damage the bulbs.


The rollers are driven by an Electrical Motor (1 HP) with variable speed to adapt it at garlic bulb conditions from the field.


The legs can be adjusted for working levelled or with slope. The roller conveyor can unload in big boxes or directly to the next tool (brusher, sorter, etc…).


The long length and the 33 rollers ensure the removal of peelings, soil, etc… With space available for up to 5 inspection people.


A effective working width of 670 mm ensure a high volume flow of garlic bulbs up to 8 Tm per hour. The bulb garlic are continuously turned around by the powered rollers to improve the cleaning and all sides are subjected to inspection.

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